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Our Story

d3 Adorned is a subsidiary of d3 Designs LLC, a Marketing, Branding, Management company established in 2008 .  Birthed from the core 3 D’s, mother Yvonne Diggs, sister Larri Diggs-Jones, and Aliza` Diggs-Bailey, it has evolved to a company focusing on Marketing & Branding, dBody - Personal Branding, and now d3 Adorned Fashionable Branding!

Aliza has an extensive background in Merchandising, Design, and Marketing. Her background spans over 25 years in apparel and textiles, after graduating Summa Cum Laude from NCState University in Textile & Apparel Design and Management.  Aliza` has over 20 years of experience in apparel corporate working for Hanesbrands, Inc.  Instrumental in several successful innovative launches, she developed the tagless tee for Hanes and in her last role served as the Director of Merchandising and Design for the Polo Ralph Lauren Brand.   Aliza` has traveled the world globally, analyzing market trends, working in manufacturing facilities to ensure perfection in bringing high quality concepts to customers, and collecting unusual artifacts now incorporated into her line, d3 Adorned.

Currently, as the owner and designer of d3 Adorned, she utilizes her career experiences and creative passion to provide unique one-of-a-kind products. With the luxury line currently being handcrafted by Aliza`, she is dedicated to selecting the finest leathers and adornments for both the handbags and jewelry.  Creating these pieces of artwork brings her joy and excitement in knowing that the recipient can express their individuality with STYLE and SOPHISTICATION through her creation.  What’s very important to her is that it’s not just about fashion, but empowerment via product, exuding CONFIDENCE and CHARACTER!

In addition to d3 Adorned, she started with d3 Designs - Business Development and Marketing, and dBody - Health & Wellness. Her newest venture, d3 Repeats is a resale site of designer  vintage, and distinctive apparel and accessories. Her two amazing children Jaylen and Jayda are now preparing to also launch their new businesses.  Jayda her daughter, a high school freshman competitive dancer will be launching an Activewear Collection Spring 2018 and Jaylen her son, a Business/Entrepreneurship freshman at NC State, an anthletic-inspired Sportswear Collection.